7 Most Amazing Backpacking Trips to Take !

Are you someone who loves to spend their days out in the wilderness – a nature lover & an adventure seeker ? Is hiking & camping your favourite past time ? Is your bucket list full of places you need to hike at ? Does all your relaxing getaway plans involve a trek at the mountains ?

Then this one is for you , Here are 7 amazing treks every backpacker needs to take !

1.Tour Du Mont Blanc

Where :  France, Italy, Switzerland

Duration: 10 – 12 Days

Tour Du Mont Blanc is a trek like no other ! Giving the trekkers an opportunity to hike at lofty mountains, explore little villages & cross 7 mesmerising valleys across three countries – this one is full of adventure ! It is 105 miles long walk – one of Europe’s longest treks, it takes about 10 -12 Days to cover. An absolute paradise for the trekkers & campers – it will leave you with memories for a lifetime !

2.Torres De Paine Circuit

Where: Chile

Duration : 8- 10 days

Torres De Paine in Chile is one of the most exciting trek in the world ! It offers two routes to take – the longer “O” circuit which about 62 miles long & the shorter “W” circuit which is about 37 miles long, it takes about 3-6 days & 8-10 days to cover both respectively.

Trekking along the magnificent 3,000 metre granite monoliths,  marvellous lakes & glaciers is nothing but an adventure lover’s paradise. The exotic wildlife of this place & ample sunlight are definitely a bonus.

3.Rinjani Trek

Where: Indonesia

Duration : 3-5 Days

Mt. Rinjani Trek is a pretty unique trek set in Indonesia.  Stretched along only 14 miles, a short but strenuous trek up the active volcano – Indonesia’s second highest at 12,224 ft , will take you about 3-5 days to ascend. The sweat & pain will be totally worth it though ! The magnificent blue lake around the caldera is absolutely breathtaking. Not just that, the journey will also be full adventure – exciting caves, hot springs & the steep climbs, this trek is certainly not for the faint hearted.


4.Te Araroa Trail

Where:  New Zealand

Duration : 120 Days

Te Araroa is one of the longest trekking routes in the world, it is spread over an astonishing 1,894 miles & is covered in about 120 days ! The name means “The long Pathway” in Maori – indeed a suitable name for the trek. Not only the longest but one of the most beautiful & well maintained tracks in the worlds, it offers a variety of terrains to cross. “Queen Charlotte Track” also falls under it, another great trek & much shorter – only 71kms , it is a 4 day trek offering great views of the beautiful bay.

This one is certainly for the hardcore trekkers !




Queen Charlotte Track |Source

5.The Long Range Traverse

Where: Canada

Duration : 4-6 Days

The long range traverse is a 25 miles long trek amidst the wilderness at the Gros Morne National Park in Canada. There are several campsites to halt & can be covered in about 4-6 days.

Set near the Gulf of St. Lawrence, amidst the green lofty mountains this one will offer a great opportunities to witness breathtaking landscapes & great flora & fauna- you might even cross paths with black bears here, making it one most mind-blowing treks to take in the world.

6.Kalalua Trail

Where : Kauai, Hawaii Island

Duration : 4-5 Days

Hawaii, known for its spectacular landscapes – lush green mountains along the amazing azure sea, making Kalalua Trail an ideal place for the trekkers ! Situated in Kauai in Hawaii Islands, it is stretched over 22 miles & can be covered in about 4-5 days. The trek offers a plethora of breathtaking views of the lush green forest, the beautiful Hanakoa falls, the Kalalua beach & the mesmerising blue sea. This one an abosolute visual delight !

 7.Inca Trail

Where: Machu Pichu, Peru

Duration: 4 Days

Inca trail runs across the Andes mountains & offers a variety three tracks to take. The trails are 20-30 miles long and will take you through the ancient stone pathways covered with the mountain fog, and the jungle till you ultimately reach the Ancient ruins of Machu Picha. The jaw dropping beauty & splendour of the ancient ruins is something that will leave you totally awe inspired. This trek takes about 4 days to cover & independent hikes are not allowed here.




Are you ready for an amazing hike ?



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