World’s Most Gorgeous Yet Dangerous Bridges

Not just  gephyrophobiacs fear these bridges, the thought of crossing these bridges will make your heart sink with panic. For those who determine to conquer the fear or at least tame it for a while can enjoy vivid views on these bridges. Here are the world’s most gorgeous but highly dangerous bridges that will swoop […]

Jilling Sanctuary- A Remote Escape Into The Himalayas

Encircled by a thick layer of greenery is the Jilling Sanctuary, nestled atop 7000 feet that makes it’s way through the verdant terrace farms and oak jungles in Bhimtal town of Uttarakhand. The bosky backwoods of the land are engulfed by natural beauty that throws you off merrily in nature’s arms. The property is loaded […]

Ride Along! Most Loved Cycling Routes In India

Riding on cycles has its own charm; however sadly, it has turned into a lost recreation given the chaos that we live in today. Its almost next to impossible to find routes and streets where you can ride your bike safely with minimum traffic in a country like ours. In such situations, you must be […]

Here’s Why You Should Travel To Central Europe Now!

Still dreaming about that European vacation you’ve promised yourself ever since college? Well, how about stop dreaming and start planning your trip to Europe right now. You’ll find everything here, from culture and fabulous history to outstanding nightlife, mouthwatering food, picturesque villages, inundated with charming atmosphere. Literally no responsibilities but keeping yourself alive in Europe! The heart […]

A Himalayan Trek To Bhrigu Lake: Day 3

If you have been catching up with my travel tale off late, you must be anticipating Day 3 by now as much as I was. Those of you who have no clue how did I end up here, you may follow up the Day 1 trail here. Anyways, we knew our rendezvous with the lake would […]

Into The Himalayas: Bhrigu Lake Trek Day 2

So after an eventful Day one journey, Day 2 started little early around five with the morning wake up call. We woke up to a cold yet splendid morning as one would expect and as soon as I stepped outside the tent, I saw the sun rising behind snow clad mountains. It was exactly the […]

Unbeatable Trekking Destinations For First Time Backpackers

The very idea of travelling with a backpack seems thrilling, isn’t it? However,  for first time backpackers, trekking destinations should be in easy where one can have memorable and fun filled experiences without facing much trouble. Sandakphu At 11,929 ft, Sandakphu is the highest peak of West Bengal. Many people begin their trekking adventures with […]

A Himalayan Trek To Bhrigu Lake: Day 1

Many of us have dreamt to be standing in the midst of the Himalayas at least once in our life. Even thinking about hiking on the majestic Mountains is fascinating on its own. Sleeping in tents, sleeping bags, waking up to witness the sublime mountains right in front of you, managing all your stuff personally […]

Pizza Hut Takes Off To Thailand With Trip Tap Toe!

This monsoon season has turned out out to be thrilling for the Pizza hut folks because they are all heading to the land of smiles, Thailand! Trip tap Toe has organised a 4 days holiday to Thailand for 40 regional managers of Pizza Hut across India. With a fully loaded itinerary from 10th to 13th […]

Los Angeles Attractions: See What’s It All About!

With Santa Monica Mountains on the north and San Gabriel Mountains marking the periphery on the east, Los Angeles is a stretching hub of diversified cultures and people. Chock-full of desires, it still hosts millions of dreams. Competent, the city embraces youthful zest and is a dreamland encompassing the Disneyland. ‘The city of dreamers’ not […]

Five Perfect Destinations For Fitness Vacations

Envisioning a voyage would illustrate one laying on the beach lounger wearing a brown hued hat, in front of the tranquil, turquoise beach and holding a daiquiri in one hand and a magazine in the other. Holidays are always meant to enliven the jaded souls tired from the humdrum life. But for fitness fanatics, a […]

Summer Getaways- Beat The Heat In These Stunning Destinations

The broiling sun and the searing heat are getting unbearable. You need to break the spell of the scorching heat and a getaway from this harsh sun won’t be bad. We have compiled a list of places for a pleasant getaway from the this brutal Indian summer. Take a look and plan a summer getaway […]

Top 10 Things To Do With Your Dad This Father’s Day

Planning something special for your dad this Father’s day?? Well, fathers are always special and they are an epitome of love, support and default role model for kids. Dads always deserve a well managed trip and Father’s day could be the most exclusive excuse to spend an amazing day with your dad. So, why not […]

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