Trip Tap Toe raises Fresh Capital in Exchange of 26% Stake

Travel portal, Trip Tap Toe, achieved another milestone by raising fresh capital in exchange of 26% stake for an undisclosed amount. Mr. R.S Sharma, former Chairman and Managing Director of India’s premier national oil company – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, made the seed investment. Mr. Sharma, who is also serving as Senior Advisor for […]

Days of Delhi – V

When I said I’d visit Hauz Khas again, I knew I would keep my word. And rightly so, Saturday morning in Delhi, my 6th day here, I found myself in this charming place again. We headed straight to the Hauz Khas fort, which had been shut down the last time we were here. I was […]

Days of Delhi – IV

Lotus Temple isn’t too far from Kailash Colony. On my fourth day in Delhi, Visiting the temple seemed like a good idea, and I was quite inquisitive to find out what the buzz around this place was all about. The temple was a first tourist spot that didn’t demand any entry fee. All other places […]

Days of Delhi – II

My second day of Delhi was quite an exhausting affair, but considering the sightseeing I did, it really wasn’t an issue. The new age taxi services, Uber and Ola, turned out to be huge boon, because, as I would learn with experience, Delhi transport happens to be quite expensive for tourists. Kaavash had strictly instructed […]

Days of Delhi – I

Being a loyal resident of Mumbai, I was always cultured to beware of the national capital in the north, and North India, in general. “Their weather is too harsh”, they would say, surreptitiously overlooking the excessive humidity and the famous October heat that plagues Bombay. I naturally carried this prejudice with me to my university […]

Short Trips for Delhiites on Long Weekend

Nothing makes Delhiites happier than an extended weekend and surely 2016 has a lot of them. The cool monsoon breeze and romantic drizzle is urging you to pack your bags and head to a short trip during this long weekend! The biggest advantage of living in the capital is that you get a number of […]

San Francisco: Summer of Love

The Summer of Love refers not to the cool, lovely summers the city of San Francisco experiences but also the social phenomenon that transpired in the year 1967 in which throngs of hipsters and youth, the ‘flower children’ settled into the city and vocalized their messages about peace and love. Their eclectic interests in art, culture, […]

Magnetic Munich

As the capital of Bavaria, Munich has been standing tall among Europe’s cities for quite a while now. Its significance among German royalty has bestowed upon it a historical eminence unparalleled by most cities in Europe. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best, most livable cities in the world, largely due its […]

New Orleans: A Nest of Culture in the States

Rated as the most festival-oriented city in the United States of America, New Orleans is simply unique. Either for its multilingual heritage, strong Spanish and French influences and the widespread celebration of Mardi Gras and jazz, NOLA holds a spirit of life like no other. It was found and established by French colonists and named […]

The Magic of Montreal

Known as the most European city situated outside of Europe itself, Montreal has amassed a reputation for standing out among the typical North American cities. Outside of its primary language of French, Montreal holds a distinct vibe felt by anyone who strolls through it. The multiculturalism, the graffiti on public spaces, exhibitions and art shows held […]

Explore Lisbon in 3 Days

As the capital and the largest city of Portugal, herein lies the heart of the country, at which the political, financial, cultural and cycles of entertainment blend together to form a cracking city climbing up and beyond. One of the oldest cities in the world, its history predates the likes of London, Paris and Rome. […]

2 Day Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most vibrant, lively and colorful cities in the world with buzzing energy, 24-hour casinos and endless entertainment options. It is a perfect place to go on a holiday with family or on a honeymoon. Even if you want to go on a vacation with friends Las Vegas will never […]

Assalamu Alaikum- When in Lahore

“Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan, ancient capital of the Punjab, home to nearly as many people as New York, layered like a sedimentary plain with the accreted history of invaders from the Aryans to the Mongols to the British.”- Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Assalamu Alaikum, Wanderlusters. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about […]

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