Vacations According to Zodiac Signs


This zodiac sign represents people with lot of passion and love for adventure and cannot sit still. Therefore adventure sports and thrilling activities will keep them busy. Places like Australia, Dubai, Argentina, South Africa might help you with your energy pangs.



People born in this zodiac sign appreciate finer things in life and appreciate beauty. Therefore places like Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin will make you enjoy the art and culture. The food and architecture will satisfy your artistic hunger.


Among all zodiac signs, Gemini is the one that gets easily bored and enjoys variety and change. Therefore they enjoy the places that have a happening night life and fun filled surroundings. London, New York, Hong Kong will the best places for you.


Cancerians are water and food lovers among the zodiac signs. Therefore places with beautiful beaches and delicious food will be the best for you like Maldives, Greece, Rome, Thailand, Florida, Caribbean.


Leo likes to be in the spotlight and loves places that offer glamorous life. Places like New York, Paris, Milan will be the best for you as they offer rich surroundings a city full of sparkling lifestyle. The places with shops where you could spend your money during your vacation will be best suited for you.

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Virgos are known to be the perfectionists and therefore look in all the details and interesting facts about the place. They will love a place that has history and culture in abundance like Egypt, Greece, Rome, Madrid and Berlin as these places will give them beautiful experiences to write in their journals.


Being an air sign, Libra is more mental than physical and therefore they are very social and love beauty and art. Places like Spain, France, Turkey or Thailand will give them the perfect surroundings they are looking for.



Among the zodiacs, Scorpions are passion lovers and like a bold lifestyle. Places such as New Orleans, Venice, Cuba, Rome will make them love the romance and lights there.


Sagittarius has true energy to constantly keep moving and they love to gather knowledge about everything. They will love a combination of adventure and where they can explore. Budapest, Turkey, Prague, Spain will let them have their share of travel.



This zodiac loves leisure filled holidays and they plan well for it. Therefore they must head to Australia, Thailand, Switzerland where they can relax and enjoy their vacation.


They are unconventional and adopt a Bohemian lifestyle. Offbeat places like Iceland, Cambodia, Sweden, Peru will be amazing for them as they can go to unexplored places which are rarely visited by tourists.


Beautiful and romantic destinations are the dream places for this zodiac and therefore places like Venice, Paris, Rome, Casablanca will make them fall in love with their vacation time.

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