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Most Bizarre And Forbidden Places That You Just Can’t Visit

Week in, week out, we here talk about all the places we should travel to. Today, we’ll go off the beaten path. Despite being an ocean of wonderful lands, the earth still has few bizarre and forbidden places that are out of a traveller’s radar. Today, we’ll be talking about such bizarre wonders of the Earth. Let’s get right into this.

Big Ben (Heard Island)


Source: flickr

This volcanic massif lies in the southern part of the Indian Ocean and is the highest mountain in the continent. Big Ben is truly a mammoth of an island with a diameter of nearly 25 kilometres. To further add to this inconceivable island, it is 368-square-mile of pure mountainous terrains.

Furthermore, it has nearly 41 glaciers and is a proud home to exhaustive wildlife which includes seals, penguins, and other rare marine birds. Its remote location and outrageous natural elements makes it one of those few forbidden places for humans to explore.

The Outrageous Galapagos Islands In Ecuador

Snake Island

Source: Flickr

This island is probably the most treacherous place on this list. Snake Island is a small piece of land floating off the Brazilian cost and is home to savage little snakes crawling beneath the greens of the island. Now, we call them savage because these snakes are some of the deadliest snakes on planet Earth.

So much so that if bitten, their venom can melt the flesh off of your body. So in case you come across one of them, don’t waste time appreciating their beauty but know it is there to kill you. But that’s out of the question now. Not to mention, these venomous creatures made the government of Brazil prohibit the Island in hopes that they never cross each other’s path. No wonder, it makes it to our list of forbidden places.

Poveglia, Italy



Poveglia is a tiny island that lies between Venice and Lido in the northern Italy. This island has been impoverished since 1922 when it was transformed into an asylum for the mentally deficient. But in the latter years around 1968, the island has been completely abandoned by the government of Italy.

Despite being an agriculture home for brief period of time, this island is now one of the most haunted and hence, forbidden places on earth. Legend has it that the ghosts of plague victims, war victims, and the ghost from the mental asylum still live on Poveglia. Some even claim that voices of screaming and agonising were heard in recent years.

Italy’s Dirty Secret: Zannone Island

Area 51, Nevada

Source: Flickr

Somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert, a road guides the way to the front of Area 51. The area is under complete surveillance. Some might believe that the place is full of alien conspiracies. Others consider truthful that the 1969 moon landing was filmed here. But who really knows? But these rumours are even near what really goes on in there. We believe that Area 51 is still very much active.

Not to mention, few new constructions and additions frequently occur in Area 51, claims Google Earth. Moreover, we don’t really know. Perhaps, its one of those “Whitehouse Conspiracies”. However, others believe that it is a special kind of a warehouse for the U.S. Army. Now, how special? That remains to be seen.

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Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

Source: Flickr

Underneath a 76-meter-tall tomb, lays a mausoleum which is almost 38 years from 246 to 208 BC old. The mausoleum is a major highlight of the Lintong District, Xi’an, Shaanxi in China. The tomb belongs to China’s first Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, who died in 210 BC. The whole burial is more like a well connected channel which is home to all the essentials Qin Shi would need in his afterlife.

Hampi: A Kingdom Lost In Time

These essentials include a clay reconstruction of an enormous army which of course comprises of horses, servants and weaponry etc. This clay army is prominently known as the Terracotta Army. Furthermore, the location is protected by the Chinese Government to avoid further human intervention. Not to mention, tourists can explore some of emperor’s territory but the ancient warrior’s main tomb demands obedience and remains forbidden till date.

Ise Grand Shrine, Japan


Ise Grand Shrine lies in the city of Ise, Mie in Japan. The shrine truly belongs to the goddess Amaterasu. The place has two main shrines but there are nearly other 125 secondary shrines. One of the most common and crazy beliefs about this place is that the place dates back to the 3rd century. Furthermore, people profess that one of the main shrines is the home of the ‘Sacred Mirror’ which is also one of the most sacred places itself.

Although entry in both places is formally scanty but tourists are able to see as much as from the roofs or behind four tall wooden fences. Not to mention, visitors are free to traverse across the forests. The unusual fact that despite being a spiritual place, the place is forbidden which is why this place gets a well deserved spot in our list.

So turns out our so called “Free World” isn’t really free huh? Well, this was our list mentioning some of the forbidden places that are legally not worth exploring. But there’s always a way, isn’t there?

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