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Bizzare Places Science Can’t Explain Till Date!

There are certain places on our beloved planet that have no adequate explanations for their existence. And, believe me or not, there are countless events around the world and bizarre places science can’t explain till date! What are these places? Let’s get you rolling.

The Hessdalen Lights & Booming Sounds Heard from the Northern Lights

Source: Flickr

The Hessdalen Lights come from an unknown origin, appearing around both days and nights. Not to mention, the lights not only look distinctive in the sky but also they float to your amazement. These bright white, yellow, or red Hessdalen Lights sometimes move with outrageous velocity as well as at noticeably slower pace. Norwegians have made their peace with this phenomenon of lights dancing in mid-air with weird patterns.

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Nonetheless, this is quite a sight for people like us who come from different lands. Is it the collisions of cosmic ray particles or some aliens hanging out in the UFOs? We don’t know. This is one of those definite places science can’t explain!

Source: Flickr

A tour guide was certain that he has heard ‘Hammers of the Gods’ clashing. A booming sound is sometimes audible traversing through the Northern Lights. Scientists claim that the sounds could be a probable striking pattern of electrical currents hitting the surface of the Earth. Is it really? Or is it really the ‘Hammer of Gods’?

The Fairy Circles of Namibia

Source: Flickr

Another one of those places science can’t explain till today. Although there’s nothing fairy about these circles, but they are an absolute freak of nature.  In the great Namib Desert, circular patches in the middle of the land are detectable from afar.

Source: Flickr

Let’s put it this way, in the middle of grassy solid grounds, lie patches that have never even seen a blade of grass. How freaky is that? Someone would think that hundreds of minions sized aliens once landed here with their futuristic UFOs, but we all know that can’t be happening.

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But wait; let us even freak you out more. These circular patches are of even shape and size. What are the odds? Theories that were initially thought of as explanations for this phenomenon have been done and dusted. Maybe the minion-aliens really were here!

The Devil’s Kettle in Minnesota

Source: Flickr

This thing might not sound that unusual like the rest of the mentions on our list but it is unusual when you see it in reality nonetheless. So, the main fuss is about the water current and where it leads to. The water from Brule River falls on to a rock and further separates its ways in two different directions. Not weird at all? Just wait.

Source Flickr

The crazy thing is that after splitting into two, some of the water travels to the lake downwards and the other half falls in Devil’s kettle i.e. nowhere. The water literally falls in no man’s land and scientists find this beyond explanation. Although, some believe there might be some cave down there. But what if there’s not. What if it really is a stairway to hell?

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The Taos Hum

Source: Flickr

In north-central New Mexico, there’s a town where globally famous celebrities have found home.  This list includes Julia Roberts, Dennis Hopper and Donald Rumsfeld etc. However, despite being a popular home of these celebrities, this town has caught attention due to interesting reasons. Ever scared of a buzz? Residents of this town have reported a continuous weird humming noise that drives all residents berserk.

Not to mention, some of the explanations have been bashed while some of them actually have explanations. For example, a buzz in 2012 was found out to be testing of a new boiler of a factory. You see not all buzzes are that mysterious. Some are just hoaxes. But yes, a lot of the buzzes actually still need explanations.

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Snake Village – Shetpal, Maharastra

Source: Flickr

There are lot of cobras in India and somehow Indians have made their peace with them. Some even worship them. But there’s a village in Solapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra that is known as the Snake village.

And there are cobras in almost every household. An extra guest waiting for you to say ‘Namaste’. What’s weird is that, no snake bites have ever been in the record books. Is the Snake Lord really friends with Indians?  Another addition to places science can’t explain!

Skeleton Lake – Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Source: Flickr

We are guessing that you already are aware of this. Almost at an elevation of 16,500 feet, lies the Roopkund lake that’s home to one surreal mystery. Not to mention, the lake is almost always under the snow sheet but when the snow melts, it gets even more bizarre. Almost 600 odd skeletons adorn the lake. Some believe that this is because of the curse to the fury of the local deity, Latu. Even science is scared.

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So, these are the places science can’t explain and fails miserably to find any cause or reason. We can’t cover everything though, so, it would be awesome if you could tell us more!

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