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6 Saucy Reasons You Can Travel With Your Ex

If you don’t have an ideal buddy for a trip, you might as well drop the plan till you find one or maybe just head off on a solo trip. How thrilling would that be? However, don’t fret if you aren’t the solo traveling types, because here’s a crazy cool thought.

Travel with your Ex?

How about travelling with your ex…? Sounds desperate maybe.., or does it?

But hey, I am not trying to make the tornado change directions and storm back into your life. So, just hear me out.

If you put a little more thought into it, taking a vacation together post break up could be the coolest thing you’d ever did if you have your facts straight, i.e. both of you are still single (Seriously, I am not trying to mess up lives here!). And, if the two of you are still in good terms with no ego clash or anything of the sorts, you might end up having a lot more fun than you ever had when you guys were together!

I am quite hopeful, after reading this blog, your doubts about traveling with your ex will begin to fade. However, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before you make the final decision.

No Nasty Surprises

You don’t have to ponder twice to plan your trip to match each other’s tastes and interests as you already know how both of you like to spend time during a vacation. So, technically, you are in for less unwanted surprises. Say, if he or she is a major snorer, you can book separate rooms in advance to escape torture in the dark.

Same goes for your palate. Pick your own menu! If your ex was one of those who used to think all food is shared food, its time you showed it isn’t, and tell your ex partner that it perhaps, was one of the most annoying habits ever.

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No Nasty Surprises

Do things that you have always enjoyed together, be it setting new records with a daring sport, hiking a treacherous trail or try something new and crazy. This will definitely keep the tension between the two of you at bay during your trip.

Since the relationship’s pressure’s totally off, you can enjoy your time even more now as just friends without having to worry about each other all the time. Of course, you can say a flat “NO” to something  you don’t wish to go for.

Make Your Own Plans

This one makes it to the top of my list. Since, you are no longer together, you can plan your days as you like! If you are spontaneous and your ex’s not, probably its best you plan your day your own way and leave him or her to suit his own interests.

This way, you choose to get some company when you like and also enjoy some alone time and get to explore things on your own without having to worry about what he or she is up to!

wander as you like

If your ex is an art or history buff, he or she would be better off checking out galleries, museums and bookstores. You don’t need to tag along. Head out on your own. Let your ex take the tour bus while you go strolling on the side streets, surfing with the waves or getting a massage under the sun. In a nutshell, do exactly what you’re here for. Destress!

Close your day by meeting up for dinner at some nice place and catch up with each other as you gorge on some crazy food (good food always lifts your mood 🙂 ). Who knows, if things go right, the next day you might end up planning something fun together.

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Free To Spend Your Own Money

As couples, you have no choice but to look after one another especially when you are traveling. Now, remember, you are no longer a couple, so it kind of works for the better when you are out together for a trip post break up. Spend your money as you like!

Spend it on shopping, at the parlour, bookstore, an adventure ride, at the club, or try anything you hesitated to try before with your partner around, without having to care to save or get each other gifts. A girl would spend endless hours shopping souvenirs and exotic stuff if her guy wasn’t around to nag her all the time.

Split on things you have done together guilt free. Pay for your own tickets. There’s absolutely no need to take any responsibility other than your own. Of course, as friends you are free to help each other when needed.

Flirt Without Stress

Vacations are equally about meeting fellow travellers and crafting fresh memories and capturing them with stunning selfies. Right? If you went out as a couple earlier, I get it if you had issues in case either of you spotted a hottie and took interest in befriending that person. Worse, you could end up in a fight and the whole point of tripping together would be lost.

Forget about it! You are free to do things on your own during the trip, socialize as much as you like and just have fun without the fear of a fight. If you are planning a camp night which would usually be the ideal occasion to befriend fellow travelers, this time you may as well do that and enjoy to the fullest.

Exciting Camp Nights

Even, if your ex still has jealousy issues, you are not bound to share every detail of your life post break up, even if that means you met someone new during the vacation 😉

A Chance To Rekindle And Reconsider

(Not applicable for every couple, mind it!)

Now, here’s another take on this. Your relationship didn’t work out then due to then prevailing circumstances of the past. However, deep under, you probably are still hoping you guys could actually get back together.

In that case, strictly, traveling with your ex after a while could offer the much needed time and space you guys needed to have a chilled out conversation and work things out. But, consider this thought ONLY if you both are single and make sure you are on the same page.

Feel the love…

Spending some fun times with your ex could offer the much needed insight whether you wish to get back together or are better off as friends. Either ways, it would help clear your head and sort things out.

Ensure what you want out of this trip exactly, and go for it. Don’t overthink. If its just a fun trip you are looking for, then you rather stick to the plan and avoid awkward past conversations that might stir trouble.

Watch Yourself Transform

You may not have thought about this, but travelling with your ex could have a healthy effect on you. After all those years you have been together, you must have grown out of certain things and into a lot new other stuff. This unusual trip with your ex gives you an opportunity to see for yourself how far you have transformed as a person. And there’s no better proof than your ex. This person is your mirror to the past.

Your actions, feelings, behavior, and most importantly the energy that you exude throughout the trip will be a tell tale sign of not only just how you feel about him, but most importantly how you feel about yourself. If he or she was your weakness then, then let this trip prove otherwise. Take this trip as an opportunity to conquer your fears, and be the best version of yourself.

So, forget your fears and bring in the excitement and as you get ready for a saucy trip together to remember.

be your own self!


Don’t forget to read these pointers before you get, set and go.

I would suggest you to avoid a trip with your ex if he or she has

1. fought incessantly while you were together

2. been a major weeper

3. been a clingy partner in the past

4. hygiene issues

5. still not over you but you are, or the other way round

6. major ego issues

Happy travels !

Feel free to share your story if you have travelled with your ex and how did that turn out. I have a feeling it would be a great story to tell.

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